Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Beat the Heat with Night Gardening

One problem many gardeners face is how to spruce up planting beds in triple didget temperatures.  A good solution is to garden during evening hours when temps are lower.  If your home is not well-lit at night, wearing a head lamp may be a solution (the kind miners wear).  Handle lighted areas at night and less lit areas in early morning hours. 

At our house we involve the entire family.  My teenage son helps with things like carrying heavy watering cans, while the younger kids help pull weeds and pick up yard debris.  During our time in the garden we discuss the different plants and their needs, and what else we may want to plant later in the season.  Working together in comfortable temperatures at night, when we are all relaxed and unhurried, is a wonderful way to bond and get those planting bed ship-shape.

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