Monday, April 1, 2013

Not Your Usual Cut Flower

Living in the South I am very familiar with the flowering shrub commonly know as an Azalea.  My town in fact is widely know as the Azalea City.  These delicate flowers come in colors like shocking pink, white, and baby pink among others.  These Rhododendron are a joy for a few weeks in spring and then forgotten almost entirely until the following spring.  This year however, I have discovered that they are not only lovely outside, but inside as well.

Azalea's delicate tissue like petals do not seem like a practical choice for a cut flower.  On the contrary, it is a wonderfully resilient cut flower.  Kept in water they will last the better part of a week and look fabulous the entire time, closed buds even blooming and all.  Since Azaleas grow in clumps it is very easy to get a big punch from just a handful of cut stems.  If you are going for an elegant look try the common white variety, whereas shocking pink can add an element of fun.  Happy cutting.

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