Thursday, May 9, 2013

Patch It Up!

I found myself folding clothes this morning, a job that seems never ending in the Ward house, when I came across a pair of my daughter's jeans with a hole in the knee.  Earlier this week I made a simple pillowcase top for her with left over fabric from an actual pillow project.  I wondered when I made the top what bottoms I would put it with.  Instead of just throwing the jeans out I made a repair that made them perfect for the top I made.  If you would like to do this project follow the steps below.

Step 1:  First repair the hole by sewing it closed with simple needle and thread.  Be careful when you do this not to distort the natural shape of the pant by pulling hard when you  are stitching.

Step 2:  Cut out a "patch" from the fabric of your choice in any shape that fits the area.  Apply light to medium weight fusible interfacing to give the patch strength.  I used quilting weight fabric that would have been much too thin for this application if not for the interfacing.

Step 3:  Position your patch over the repair and attach by running a blanket stitch around the perimeter of the shape.  A blanket stitch is a decorative and function stitch in this application.  I used orange cotton string (size 10 crochet cotton).  I like the homespun look of uneven stitching (especially appropriate for a patch).  If you would like a more even look, simply mark 1/4" into the fabric with evenly spaced dots to mark your stitches.  I did not use a fray preventer on this patch because I think it will only enhance the look if it frays a little, but feel free to use it if you want to keep the project as it.

Once the patch is applied the garment is ready to be worn again. 

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