Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Ornament Display

Every year since my husband and I have been married, we have bought a special Christmas ornament to commemorate that year.  Many of the ornaments are crystal and are not very visible when placed on a traditional Christmas tree.  This year I made a display out of naturally shed tree branches to showcase these very special keepsakes.

I used a ceramic vase I had hanging around the house not being used, and then looked around the yard for some branches to hang the ornaments from.  I carefully arrange the branches in the vase making sure to vary the sizes somewhat while still maintaining a balanced look.  Once I was happy with the arrangement, I carefully hung the ornaments.

The total cost of this display was $0.00.  Since I already had the vase and collected branches from the yard, there was also zero waste.  I like using things that are readily available in my yard when I can.  I also think the randomness of the branches gives the display a fabulous look.  If you are in an area where branches are not easy to come by, willow branches from a craft store can be substituted.

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