Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Window Dressing



One questions I get a lot is what to do with windows in the face of so many choices.  Although I am always happy to give my opinion and advice on someone else's project, it is not so easy on my own home.  I find this is true for most people.  It helps to approach it from a more methodical perspective and imagine it is not your own home.  Window treatments can be the major expense in room, so take your time and consider their use, material, and flow with the rest of the home.

I have to confess that I lived with paper shades in my master bedroom for two years.  In my defense, I was busy with many other projects (my own home mostly), but I really had a hard time deciding.  When I could live with the paper no longer, I carefully considered my options and what worked with the space.  The decisions of matchstick blinds seemed obvious (after two years!).  The natural element of the bamboo really helped tie the room with the view of the woods and lake outside the bedroom window.  

I had them hung just under the crown molding to bring more attention to the ceiling height.  This also allows for full exposure of the window glass for maximum light.  I only wish I had done it earlier.

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