Sunday, March 27, 2011

Inexpensive Botancial Looks for Spring

As spring is being revealed all around us here in the South, I like to reflect the seasonal excitement indoors as well. While I admire what I see in the florists window, I generally don't like the prices or the short life span of what is available. One solution I have found is to search my immediate envinronment (my yard and my neighborhood) for botanical options that will not only give seasonal appeal, but go easy on the budget.

The arrangement I have displayed this year in my entry hall was an easily achieved look. I simply cut three g00d-size magnolia branches and placed in them in an old, large candle holder (purchased at Target some years ag0) with a some water. The key to making anything look good in clear glass is to make sure the glass is exquisitely clean. The reflections of light off the glass and water therein is what gives it a clean, fresh look. The other consideration is to be certain whatever is removed from the outdoor environment is prepared for being displayed inside. In this case, I wiped all visible pollen of the magnolia leaves with a wet paper towel, and discarded small pieces of moss and pine needles.

This arrangement should stay looking great for several weeks. Total cost: $0.00

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